Best Local Street Food in Hue Vietnam Hue Local Food is well known as the Best Delicious Food in Vietnam. It is also famous for it's distinctive way to cook and to serve. Some of these typical dishes you can only find in Hue City and nowhere else in Vietnam, so make sure you do not miss out these Hue Cuisine before leaving. To try Hue Best Local Food, you can either Join Unique Hue Street Food Tour by Night to taste the top 10 dishes that you should enjoy in Hue Best Local Restaurants: 1. Nem Lụi Huế (Grilled Minced Pork on Lemongrass Skewer): The Dish is made with finely ground beef and pork, plus sliced pork skin and fat, garlic, sugar and fish sauce are formed into sausages on Skewer of lemongrass, grilled over charcoal and set in front of diners. Nem Lụi Huế (Gilled Minced Pork on Lemongrass Skewer) This is serve with rice paper to wrap sliced lettuce, cucumbers, green fig, lightly pickled strings of carrot and green papaya, cold rice vermicelli and